Thank You Note

In our daily life, there are a number of occasions that comes in our mind for which we have to say thank you to the other person. Such occasions can be personal and business related. Being an adult and a sensible person, it is the responsibility of every person to say thanks to other people by writing a thank you note to show your gratitude in lots of situations. You can write thank you notes to your family, relatives and friends circle on different occasions like receiving a gift from your friends and family members of your wedding, birthday and graduations etc, or saying thank you to your boss after succeeding in an interview, for promotion etc. Some other occasions where you can use a thank you note are including baby showers, to your teachers, in response to sympathy note, sickness note, funeral or condolence note.

Apart from gifts, you can also send thank you notes to all those who attended your party or ceremony because this is a great and simple way to show your respect and to express your gratitude to others. Writing a thank you note is a very simple task and there is no need to think about particular words especially when you are writing a personal thank you note. A business related thank you note should be a bit formal because it is always written to a senior person.

A Sample Thank you note

Dear Alice,

Please accept my bundle of thanks for sending me such a beautiful present on my birthday. It was such a pleasant surprise to come home and find a package waiting for me. What a beautiful pendant set it is? All of my friends appreciate your gift and I am wearing the special gift on special occasions.

Again thank you so much, I can’t express my gratitude in words.

Love and Kisses


Guidelines for writing a Thank you note

  • For writing a thank you note, you can use a simple plain and neat sheet of paper or can also use colorful paper sheets with flowers in its sides. Choose a paper according to the type of occasions for which you are writing a thank you note.
  • At the top of the paper, write the date and start the note by writing a salutation like dear Sam, Dear Aunt Alice with a comma.
  • Thank the recipient for a gift, support, favor, entertainment etc. Try to use words that show your feelings in a good way like “thank you so much for the dinner”, “I was so glad to see the package of your gift at my doorstep”, “I felt so grateful for”, “thanks a lot for being a heart of my wedding ceremony” etc.
  • Appreciate the person’s efforts for a favor or appreciate the gift in good words. Also write something positive about the thing from your friends and family side.
  • Always use black and blue ink for writing a thank you note.
  • At the end of the note, write with lots of love and hugs, with thanks, sincerely and sign the note.

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