Sympathy Note

Sympathy cards and notes are usually sent to friends and family members on the condolence of death of a loved one or even on the loss of a pet. It is not an unusual thing and in our daily life we face and experience lots of situations in which we have to show our feelings to others and to show our moral support to them in such harsh and horrible times. Writing a sympathy note is a bit difficult and disturbing because it is mostly used on the death of a loved one and as the person who is writing a sympathy note is also feeling bad and uncomfortable. Before writing a sympathy note, it is important to have proper knowledge of appropriate words that one can use in writing a perfect and a sensible sympathy note. Sympathy notes that are written on the loss of a pet are not very different from those that are written on the death of a human.

A Sample Sympathy Note

Dear Bill,

I cannot comprehend that how sad I am feeling for your loss and my heart goes out to you at this hard time. I cannot express my feelings and thoughts on the recent passing of your wife. Our full support is with you and please remembers that you are not alone in this hard time. Try to hang in there, for the sake of your children. Allice will always be in our hearts and thoughts.

Love and hugs

Ted and Sam

Guidelines of writing Sympathy note

  • Write the sympathy note or letter to the person who is close to you. If the deceased person was in close relation to you, then you must write a sympathy note to the closest relative of the deceased person like his widow, oldest child or brother or father.
  • Start the note with a salutation like Dear Allice, Dear Sam along with a comma.
  • Use some appropriate words like “we are thinking of you in this difficult time of your loss”, “I was very saddened when I hear the news of your fathers’, wife death”, “we are really sorry to hear about the death of “deceased person’s name”, “remembering you and the name of the deceased in our heart and thoughts” etc.
  • Never write words like “It is the plan of the GOD”, “he/she will be in a better place” etc. It is because in such times the person is going through such hard times and cannot understand the way of your thoughts. It is also possible that the person to whom you are writing a sympathy note has no believe in GOD. So try to avoid such type of sentences.
  • For writing a sympathy note on a loss of a pet, try to write the proper name of the pet in your note. Relate things to the pet like to add a memory that you have about the pet, write different actions and reactions of the pet to particular things and persons.
  • It is important to write a brief note, because the person to whom you are writing a sympathy note is emotionally drained so be careful in writing sympathy notes. It must be a maximum of one page.

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