Doctor’s Sick Note

Sick note is used to write when a person becomes unable to perform and to participate in an activity like sports, school or office. A sick note is important enough to write to a formal place like a sports club, school or institute or an office because you can face some serious and harsh situations if you not send a sick note. A sick note is a note that is written by a doctor showing that you are really ill and cannot perform work and give you an excuse for your absence. A sick note is easy to get as you can simply attain it by asking to your physician. Sick notes are usually written by doctors in a period when you are really ill and for this one have to make an appointment to check out by a doctor.

These days, there are a number of physicians that are offering their services of writing sick notes by charging a specific amount of money. However, never opt for fake sick notes because your school and office administration have tricks to find out the reality. Sick notes are not very common and therefore it is important for everyone to read carefully the terms of the institute or workplace in order to find the value of a sick note.

A Sample Sick Note

The sick note is always being written by a professional doctor with a body like the following sample.

ABC Medical Centre                                      Dr. Smith

Patient’s name: Mr. Peter   Sex: Male      Age: 32      Date: Saturday29th2012/December 29th2012

Please, excuse Mr. Peter from all blogging activities today, because he was seriously injured in last night’s road accident. For complete recovery bed rest is important enough for Mr. Peter along with medicines and food.

Please consider this note and you can contact me on (phone number of the physician or email address) for further details.

Thank you.

Signature of the doctor along with the date

Guidelines for writing or getting a sick note

  • Go to your family physician or make an appointment with a professional and registered medical specialist or a licensed physician. It is important enough in circumstances where your absence without a sick note can result in some harsh issues.
  • Discuss with your doctor openly the issue that is preventing you from performing your activities effectively.
  • Consider the time frame, because a sick note can only be acquired at times you have made an appointment and get checked out. So when you feel ill or uncomfortable, it is important to visit to a medical center.
  • Ask your doctor to write a sick note for you and also tell a doctor that it is a necessity of your job or school.
  • Ask your doctor to mention the number of days you want to stay off from your work.
  • Avoid writing too many health issues in your sick note. Request your physician or doctor to keep it simple and brief.
  • Review the sick note before leaving the office of the doctor in order to eliminate possible errors.

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