Sample Note

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All About Writing Notes & Sample Notes

Retirement Note

A retirement note is a note written by the colleagues to a retiree for the appreciation of his/her work and relationship. You can write a retirement note to your colleagues, friends as well as to your relatives and family members like grandparents, parents, uncle, cousins etc. the purpose of writing a retirement note is to appreciate their working life and to say them welcome to their social life as it is really hard for people to keep a balance with social and working life. Usually, when a senior colleague is retired, the office partners give them a good bye party and on that occasion people give retirement cards to the older colleague along with gifts and flowers. If you hear about the retirement of a friend or relative you can simply send them retirement notes and cards.

There are a number of cards and wordings that one can use to send to retired people as a retirement note. You can find a number of funky phrases and cards that you can send to your colleagues and friends whereas can also send some appreciation and respectful phrases to those that are senior to you. The prospect of retirement is a very different time when the retiree has some mix sort of feelings and some positive lines of the friends and colleagues can make them comfortable and happy.

A Sample Retirement Note

Dear ___________________

Congratulations on the completion of 30 long years of your hard work and finally you reached the time of enjoyment and relaxation with your loved ones.

I have watched you for many years and I am feeling proud to tell you that your determination always made me inspired and motivated. You have dealt with some hard times in a more stable and courageous manner where usually people fail.

I am feeling very honored to work with you for past 12 years and during this time I have learned a number of things including patience, hard work, ethics and no doubt honesty.

You will always be in my heart and mind and I am feeling very sad to see you leave.

Best wishes


Guidelines for writing a retirement note

  • Use a neat and fine sheet of paper for writing a retirement note. If you are writing a retirement note to a senior or older person to you whether he/she is your colleague or a relative use simple, plain paper is yellow or sky blue color. If you are a friend or family member of the retiree and are close to him you can opt for some beautiful retirement cards.
  • On the top of the sheet or card write “Dear” with salutation followed by the name of the person.
  • Start the note with congratulations, as retirement is a good time of a person’s life when they get a time for their self and their family.
  • Colleagues should appreciate the working years of the retiree and should write the thing that made them inspired.
  • If the retirement note is from family and friends, write some positive feelings for the retiree and also say something about your plans that you made for the retirement of your family member or friend.
  • End the note with writing your thoughts and wishes for the retiree.

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