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Fee Note

Fee note is a short statement that details the amount of money that is charged for something that has been already deducted from an account. Fee note is quite different from invoice because invoice contains pending money that can be paid in future. Fee note usually details amount of drugs, VAT and different other payments. This is best choice for small clients who do not require full-blown VAT invoice. Fee is a payment asked by the professional people in the return of their services such as doctor’s fee, school fee, entrance fee, commitment fee etc. Fee note can be of different types according to the nature of organization such as different educational institution issues fee note as a reminder for parents as well as students.

Sample Fee Note

Note for the payment of Fees and Expenses

This note of guidance is based on the University of ABC’s Financial Directives.

Please note that credit card slips will not be accepted as receipts. You are advised to retain photocopies of any receipts and claim form.


EXTERNAL EXAMINERS are paid fee and permitted to claim for expenses incurred entirely, unavoidably and exclusively in the performance of examination duties.


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) £200 Doctor of Medicine (MD) £200
Masters Degree  (MPhil, MMus, LLM) £150 Doctor of Dental Sciences (DDSc) £190
Doctor of Education (EdD) £150 Doctor of Medical Science (DMedSci) £150
Higher Doctorates:  LittD, DSc, DEng, DMus, LLD, DSc Tech, DMet £260



Payment should be made in US Dollars or Zambian Kwacha. If you want to pay in Zambian Kwacha then the calculation will be based on the current rate of the day.

If you are paying in cheque, please make your cheque payable to:

ABC International School

Do not forget to add $20 as additional transferring amount, 50 USD for foreign cheques to the amount to be paid to cover bank charges.

If you want to pay fee in cash then deposit it directly in the ABC Chartered Bank but do not forget to get a formal receipt from the school.

If you have paid tuition fees in advance then no need to pay more and ignore this notice.

How to Write Fee Note?

Fee note is necessary to write in effective way according to the requirements of organization and for your help I am going to share some guidelines to write fee note:

  • Start your fee note with name, address and contact number of institutions for the help of receiver. You can also include logo of your company to personalize your fee note.
  • Provide complete details of expenses with accurate amount and grand total for the help of students or customers. You can design a table to include the details of amount to be paid with the dates of payment.
  • It is necessary to write instructions in the bottom or the backside of page for the proper guidance of clients. If you are designing a fee note for your institution then write important instructions for parents.

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