Doctor’s Note for Work

Sometimes we become unable to perform our routine work because of any health issue but unfortunately in some formal places like offices, schools or any sports club, the administration asks for an evidence or proof of one’s sickness. Doctor’s note is very commonly used notes that help people get leaves from their school or office whether of illness or another reason. This is a kind of solid proof that you have to attach with the leave application in order to get approval. In many organizations, a doctor’s note for work is the only way to get leaves otherwise one can lose his/her job forever.

What a doctor’s note for work is based on? A doctor’s note for work is also known as a sick note and is based on a note written by a licensed doctor for a patient with a description that the person is suffering from certain health issue and is unable to perform work for a specific number of days. These notes can be genuine as well as fake, however for accessing a fake doctor’s note for work the person has to make an appointment with a doctor and request for writing a note. Some medical professional writes a note just by charging their regular fee while some other may ask you for extra charges.

A Sample Doctor’s Note for Work

ABC Medical Center

State/City/ ABC road

Name: ________________               Gender: ______           Age: _________        Date: ________

Dear ________________

Please excuse _____________ (patient’s name) from the work on Monday and Tuesday, two days. It appears as though a serious case of winter fever and throat infection and is not yet been cured, I am prescribing two days complete bed rest with plenty of intake of liquid and oil free food along with proper dosage of the prescribed medicines.


Dr. Barter (Signature of the doctor).

Such notes are usually written on doctor’s pads that are then attached with the application and sent out of the office or school.

Guidelines of getting a doctor’s note for work

  • Make an appointment with a licensed and professional doctor. The doctor can be general physician, ENT or dentist. Choose a one according to the health issue you want to specify in the doctor’s note for work.
  • If you are suffering from a health issue in reality, then it is simple to get a doctor’s note however, for those who are not suffering from any kind of health issue should try to choose minor health problems that they can defend in the interview after joining.
  • Request your doctor to write a note for you to save you from work.
  • Read the note carefully before leaving the clinic in order to eliminate the chances of errors.
  • Attach the original note with your application and send it to your office or school.

There are a number of online doctor’s note for work templates are available, however, never use them and never make your own notes as this can result in some big difficulties for you. Always opt for a professional doctor.

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