Delivery Note

A delivery note consists of the information that a package of a goods contain. It is usually based on the details of a package that a company has to deliver to the buyer. The details include the type of the product, quantity, color, size and a description about goods that are not enclosed due to some reasons. A delivery note is signed by the buyer and a copy of the signed delivery note is then sent back to the seller. The purpose of writing and pasting a delivery note on the package of goods is to allow the buyer to check the names of the items that he/she has offered and the number of the goods or products that are being sent to them. If a buyer finds something different from his/her order, they then never sign the delivery not and refuse the package, and the package goes back to the seller.

The delivery note never contains prices of the products and in some cases instead of writing the names of the products, the product codes are written in a delivery note. The delivery note work as a proof of delivery and saves the seller from any kind of legal actions against the seller. A delivery note is usually used for shipping and home delivery services.

A Sample Delivery Note

To:                                                                                   From:

Name of the recipient/buyer                                     Name of the seller/company name

Complete address of the buyer                                 complete address of the seller

Contact numbers of the buyer                                   Contact numbers of the seller

Purchase Order:                                                             Qty/Quantity:

  1. Blue jeans size 9                                                          2
  2. Dress shoes size 11                                                     1
  3. Yellow evening gown size 8                                       2
  4. Yellow court shoes size 9                                           2

TOTAL                                                                            7/-

Delivered by: __________________________________________

Received the above products in good order and condition.

Received by: _________________                              Signature: ______________

Designation: _________________                              Date: __________________

Guidelines for making a delivery note

  • Open a new page in the Microsoft word to create a delivery note.
  • On the top of the page, write “TO” followed by a colon, write the name of the buyer or recipient of the package, complete address and contact numbers under it.
  • At the right top of the page, write “From” followed by a colon, write the name of the seller/company name, complete address and contact numbers under it.
  • Then, insert a table of two columns and a number of rows depending on the number of items. At the top of both columns write the names of items purchased and the quantity respectively.
  • Write the names of different items under the heading of items purchased or purchase order and the quantity of those items in front of them in the second column.
  • Sum up the numbers of items and write a total of it at the end of the column.
  • Leave a space for writing the name of the person who will deliver the items to the buyer.
  • Include spaces for the signature of the buyer and the date of receiving the items.

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