Death Note

Death note also known as obituary is specifically written to recap the main points of someone’s life. Death note is a public notification to inform people about the death of a person. Death note usually contains the name of the deceased person, age of deceased, address and recent employment information. Although it is a cathartic experience for writing a death note for someone but it is necessary for the information of public. It let the family members and friends to know about the death of a specific person so that they can gather at one place for the funeral ceremonies. Although you can inform people of your circle through phone but it is still necessary to design a death note for other members especially the special friends and colleagues of deceased person.

Sample Death Note

Please be advised that the citizen Jasmine Eva the legitimate daughter of Fernandez Peter and Jean Lantos born in Australia on the 25th of September 1979 has climbed the wall of death on the 28th of February 2013.

The deceased passed away in strictest intimacy, after a long ordeal involving a transformation of consciousness and an intense egoistic agony. From her remains is born Savina, a sovereign being who takes her flight toward immorality. The deceased leaves in mourning her Siamese twin.

Jasmine Eva who passed away at the same time as her sister, also mourning her departure are the government of Canada and Quebec, and the Crown, all private corporations that grieve the loss of a docile and profitable slave.

How To Write Death Note?

  • You have to find a picture of deceased person to paste it on the death note. You can access any family member or friend to get the most appropriate picture with clear and smiling face. Scan the photograph to get a softcopy in your computer.
  • Collect significant details of deceased person such as full name, age, date of death, hometown, immediate and extended family members, career and hobbies of the deceased person as well as details of funeral services.
  • In first paragraph, write the name of deceased person, hometown and date of death. Second sentence should state the birth place of the person and details of any other towns where he/she has lived for extended period of time.
  • Third sentence of the death note should include job description and date of services and details of company. You can also mention any interesting hobby, talents or special awards of the person.
  • Last one or two sentences should specify the funeral details. You have to write the dates and time of services with visitation and church hours for memorial services. You can also make any request from family members for flowers and memorial donations for the deceased person.
  • After completing the note, make its several photocopies to paste and distribute them in the different areas of town. You can send emails to your friends, coworkers and social groups. It will let your contact details to know about the funeral ceremonies.

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