Contract Violation Notice

Companies and organizations always do business together and when they do, they don’t just believe on the words of each other but they sign a legal document called a contract or agreement. It includes all the terms and conditions to which the both parties are legally bound to obey and follow. Agreement also includes a separate part in which the details are included about the violation of the contract and its consequences. When a party violates any clauses of the agreement, the other company reserves the right to terminate the agreement and file a lawsuit against it. This all process is done by an official document informing the other party about their violations and it’s called contract violation notice.

Brief description of contract violation notice:

It is not uncommon that even if two companies agree on a mutual contract and promise not to violate the rules and regulations of the contract but sometimes the situation is not right and someone has to break a law or rule in order to conduct a business. This is very usual and companies are used to handle this kind of situations. Although when a company or an individual violates the contract, he knows it too but it’s the responsibility of the other company to inform him about the violation and ask him to give some explanation in order to resolve the issue and this entire process is based on the violation notice that the company sends.

Elements of a contract violation notice:

  • Name of the company or individual who is sending the notice
  • Name of the receiving company or individual at the other end
  • Date when the notice was issued
  • Reference number of the notice for record keeping
  • Details of the contract under consideration
  • Reasons to terminate the contract
  • Detailed information about the violations of the contract
  • Possible consequences because of the violations
  • Further instructions for the one who violated the contract

Purposes of a contract violation notice:

When a company or an individual violates the agreement, there is no possible explanation for the other company but it is the basic right of that company or the individual to explain his situation and resolve the issue without including the court and that’s the basic purpose of this notice that it informs the other party that it has violated the contract and now it owes an explanation. Also when both the parties sit together and talk, they can agree on mutual terms to get pass the violation with some kind of new agreement and it is quicker than the court sessions and final verdict.

Where to find a contract violation notice?

Companies usually prepare contract violation notices and they have their own department that deals with these matters. Usually it’s the HR department that prepares and sends the contract violation notices and there is no need to include any lawyer in the beginning until the other company replies to the notice. On the other hand, as an individual you can download these notices from Internet.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Contract Violation Notice created using MS Word,

Contract Violation Notice

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