Writing Condolence Note

A condolence note, as the name shows is a note that is written on a death of a beloved one to your friends, family relatives, neighbors and colleagues especially when due to some reasons you are unable to attend a funeral. This not an unusual thing and usually people have to face these kind of situations. As compared to anniversary letters or birthday letters, it is difficult to write a condolence note or letter because in a condolence letter or note one have to use some proper words because for writing a condolence note people are going through some awkward feelings and are feeling uncomfortable too to express their feelings in sensible words.

Condolence notes are important enough to show your sympathy, unity, love, support and care in such hard times when a family is struck by death. Though, in this modern a technologically advanced era, it is not a difficult task to find sympathy cards on or off the net but it is important to have an understanding of appropriate words and condolence cards. It is good to write your own note as this will show your care and feelings in a good manner.

A Sample Condolence Note

Dear ——— (the name of the person struck by death)

We/ I feel very sorry for your family and my words are unable to express the heartaches I am feeling for you and for your family. I am in shock to hear the sad news of your ——– (the name of the deceased person or relation like your father, your sister, your mother etc).  My thoughts and prayers are with you in this hard and horrible time. Lots of love and hugs to you and to your family.

Guidelines of writing condolence note

Writing a condolence note is not a big deal and need a little information about the use of proper words in a proper way.

Don’t of a Condolence note

For writing a condolence note, it is important to remember a couple of important things that you don’t have to use. Such things are as follows.

  • Never use the time as an excuse while writing a condolence note. There are many people who use the time as an excuse to write a condolence note. It is usually when you hear the news of the death of a person after one, two or more months of the death. This is a wrong perception because you can write the condolence note anytime.
  • Never use Email, Twitter, Face book or any other social media site for condolence note.
  • Don’t write a lengthy condolence note for the comfort of the reader.
  • Don’t use condolence or sympathy cards.

Selection of words

Never use words like I know your feelings unless you had experienced a same situation. There are a number of phrases that you can use in your condolence note, some commonly used words and phrases are Our thoughts and prayers are always with you, you are not alone in such horrible situations, I can’t express my heartaches in words, please accept my condolence and with lots of love and hugs.

You can also write some lines with the names of deceased person like he/she will always remain in our hearts, I am really sorry to hear the death of, may his/her soul find peace and comfort etc.

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