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Appreciation Note

Appreciation notes, as the name implies are used to express the gratitude that you are feeling for another person for good work. These notes are very simple to write and have a great impact over the person’s feeling and motivation level to which you are writing it. Appreciation notes can be written to friends, to children, to workers, to people for charitable work, for excellent services and for kindness etc.  It is a good way to build strong relationship with people for appreciating them for their good deeds whether the deeds are personal or to your business or organization. Appreciation notes are brief and specific and take only a couple of minutes in writing a one but its impact are long lasting.

Appreciating someone or thanking someone never cost you but make you a respectable person in the eyes of the recipient of the note. It is good to appreciate your workers, friends, business partners and other people for their good acts with such short and simple notes. An appreciation note can be written to individuals as well as can use to address a group of people.

A Sample Appreciation Note

Appreciation note to workers

Thank you for your commitment in completion of the project and all the hard work and dedication you put in.  Your efforts are truly appreciated and we hope you will do the best for the next time too.

A personal appreciation note

Dear Sara,

We are friends from last 15 years and in these 15 years you were always with me in my harsh and pleasant times. Your support made me able to cope in such worse situations. I just want to thank you for your moral support and love. You are the special one; I not only love to spend time with you but also admire you and your efforts.

With lots of love and kisses

See you on this Christmas,


Tips to write a perfect Appreciation Note

  • Choose an appropriate stationary for writing an appreciation note. If you are writing a note to your manager, or to workers or any other person related to your organization or business, choose a sheet of paper that is best for writing formal notes and letters. For a personal appreciation note, you can use some funky and colorful papers and pages. You can also use appreciation or thank you cards with appropriate colors and themes according to the nature of appreciation.
  • Always start a business appreciation note with “Thank you for this…..”, whereas use salutation in personal or informal appreciation cards like “dear….”
  • For business appreciation cards, write the purpose for which you are writing a thank you note like, “thank you for your great work on this project and for all of your efforts that you made for the success and accomplishments of our goals. Your contribution made a real difference”.  For personal appreciation note, simply start after the salutation.
  • Sign off with “sincerely” in business appreciation notes, while use some personal words like “love, kisses, hugs etc in personal notes.

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