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Personal Promissory Note

A Personal Promissory Note is the one used between two parties like friends and family members on a small level with a small amount of loan. As compared to commercial and other types of business related promissory notes, a personal promissory note is not used by people commonly because people usually feel shy in creating some legal documents for personal loans. There is no need to feel shy or unpleasant because a promissory note is just used to eliminate misunderstanding and is good enough for your good relation. A personal promissory note becomes legally bound if and only if both the parties sign the note. The usages of personal promissory note are quite limited as it is only used for two parties on a small level and small amount of loan but unfortunately is very rarely use because the lender feels shy in making a promissory note as sometime borrower consider the promissory note as an insult that his/her friend or family member has no trust in the browser.

The Personal Promissory Notes are often used by two individuals who know each other and therefore usually they are free from any kind of interest rates. The details of such notes are based on information about the borrower and lender, the total amount of loan, date of the promissory note, the interest rate if any and the date of return of the loan. The purpose of the personal promissory note is just a protection that makes the lender able to sue the borrower in case of any differences regarding the agreement. Read the rest of this entry »

Nursing Note

Nursing notes are the documents that are created by nurses or health care professionals and are based on detail information of a patient. Almost in all hospitals nurses are directed to write nursing notes for their patients on a daily basis that is admitted in the hospitals. Nursing notes are usually based on information like the health issue, test report, progress on a daily basis, diagnosis, medicines and a medical plan that is based on the thoughts of a nurse or doctor. There are a number of formats available for writing a nursing note however, the most common and standard format is known as SOAP or Subjective Objective Assessment Plan. As the name implies, the nursing note written in a SOAP format is based on subjective data like the feelings that your patient is told to you, objective data like physical findings of the patient during head to toe assessment like wounds, edema and blood pressure etc, assessment section of the nursing note is based on the diagnosing made by nurse and the diagnosis that are provided by the doctor and the final section known as plan is based on the future follow up on the basis of the diagnosis. Read the rest of this entry »

Patient Treatment Progress Note

A Progress Note is used in the medical sector in order to note down or write the progress of a patient after treatment or counseling to a doctor. It is basically a sort of record that is created by nurses or doctors who are caring a particular patient in order to understand the condition of the patient and the effect of medicines and care on the health or recovery of a patient. A progress note has its own format for writing and is usually based on information like the name of the patient, the health issue he/she is suffering from, diagnosis, daily progress, the information about the doctor and nurses who are dealing the patient and the therapy that is used for patient.  A progress note is usually based on a page and the purpose of writing a progress note is just to bring other doctors and nurses to speed and understanding of the health issue and the current situation.

Usually in hospitals, there is a standard printed format with sections in which doctors or nurses have to provide information of the patient about a particular day. The information written in a progress note is based on the interview of the patient. A progress note includes sections like progress of a patient and his/her feeling on that day, a plan section, objective section and an assessment section. Progress notes are filed daily by doctors for patients that have a serious condition. Read the rest of this entry »

Doctor’s Sick Note

Sick note is used to write when a person becomes unable to perform and to participate in an activity like sports, school or office. A sick note is important enough to write to a formal place like a sports club, school or institute or an office because you can face some serious and harsh situations if you not send a sick note. A sick note is a note that is written by a doctor showing that you are really ill and cannot perform work and give you an excuse for your absence. A sick note is easy to get as you can simply attain it by asking to your physician. Sick notes are usually written by doctors in a period when you are really ill and for this one have to make an appointment to check out by a doctor.

These days, there are a number of physicians that are offering their services of writing sick notes by charging a specific amount of money. However, never opt for fake sick notes because your school and office administration have tricks to find out the reality. Sick notes are not very common and therefore it is important for everyone to read carefully the terms of the institute or workplace in order to find the value of a sick note. Read the rest of this entry »

Secured Promissory Note Sample

This type of note is a written document that is backed by a property as a collateral or security for the loan amount. In a secured promissory note, it is stated that if the borrower is failing to repay the loan amount on the due date, the lender will then take your property. There are many lenders who never pay the loan amount without any security and is usually used in commercial or real estate loans. Secured promissory a bit stressing on the part of the borrower because if due to any reason the borrower fails to pay off the loan amount on the spelled out date of the note, he/she will lose the right of possession of the property.

It is important to keep the terms and conditions of the secured promissory note a little flexible. Always try to sign a promissory note having some flexible circumstances in which the borrower will consider as a defaulter. A promissory note, once signed by both the parties will be considered as a legal document and both parties will be then bound to abide its terms and conditions. A secured promissory note never includes the details of the collateral and is similar to a simple promissory note however have an additional agreement based on the details of collateral. For example, if in a secured promissory note, a car is offered as a collateral, the secured agreement will be based on the details of the car like its model, date of manufacture, time of usage and the current value. Read the rest of this entry »

Sample Retirement Note

A retirement note is a note written by the colleagues to a retiree for the appreciation of his/her work and relationship. You can write a retirement note to your colleagues, friends as well as to your relatives and family members like grandparents, parents, uncle, cousins etc. the purpose of writing a retirement note is to appreciate their working life and to say them welcome to their social life as it is really hard for people to keep a balance with social and working life. Usually, when a senior colleague is retired, the office partners give them a good bye party and on that occasion people give retirement cards to the older colleague along with gifts and flowers. If you hear about the retirement of a friend or relative you can simply send them retirement notes and cards.

There are a number of cards and wordings that one can use to send to retired people as a retirement note. You can find a number of funky phrases and cards that you can send to your colleagues and friends whereas can also send some appreciation and respectful phrases to those that are senior to you. The prospect of retirement is a very different time when the retiree has some mix sort of feelings and some positive lines of the friends and colleagues can make them comfortable and happy. Read the rest of this entry »

Contract Violation Notice

Companies and organizations always do business together and when they do, they don’t just believe on the words of each other but they sign a legal document called a contract or agreement. It includes all the terms and conditions to which the both parties are legally bound to obey and follow. Agreement also includes a separate part in which the details are included about the violation of the contract and its consequences. When a party violates any clauses of the agreement, the other company reserves the right to terminate the agreement and file a lawsuit against it. This all process is done by an official document informing the other party about their violations and it’s called contract violation notice.

Brief description of contract violation notice:

It is not uncommon that even if two companies agree on a mutual contract and promise not to violate the rules and regulations of the contract but sometimes the situation is not right and someone has to break a law or rule in order to conduct a business. This is very usual and companies are used to handle this kind of situations. Although when a company or an individual violates the contract, he knows it too but it’s the responsibility of the other company to inform him about the violation and ask him to give some explanation in order to resolve the issue and this entire process is based on the violation notice that the company sends.

Elements of a contract violation notice:

  • Name of the company or individual who is sending the notice
  • Name of the receiving company or individual at the other end
  • Date when the notice was issued
  • Reference number of the notice for record keeping
  • Details of the contract under consideration
  • Reasons to terminate the contract
  • Detailed information about the violations of the contract
  • Possible consequences because of the violations
  • Further instructions for the one who violated the contract

Purposes of a contract violation notice:

When a company or an individual violates the agreement, there is no possible explanation for the other company but it is the basic right of that company or the individual to explain his situation and resolve the issue without including the court and that’s the basic purpose of this notice that it informs the other party that it has violated the contract and now it owes an explanation. Also when both the parties sit together and talk, they can agree on mutual terms to get pass the violation with some kind of new agreement and it is quicker than the court sessions and final verdict.

Where to find a contract violation notice?

Companies usually prepare contract violation notices and they have their own department that deals with these matters. Usually it’s the HR department that prepares and sends the contract violation notices and there is no need to include any lawyer in the beginning until the other company replies to the notice. On the other hand, as an individual you can download these notices from Internet.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Contract Violation Notice created using MS Word,

Contract Violation Notice

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Contract Termination Notice

In the trading world, it is not possible for a company to always work alone in the market and not ask any other supplier or organization to help or provide something. For example, a company deals in computer parts but it needs to hire a cargo company for the shipment of the parts to different cities. This way, it hires a cargo company on contract and when there is a violation in the contract clauses by the cargo company, the computer firm terminates the contract or asks the cargo company to stop their operations immediately.

Brief description of contract termination notice:

When we talk about contracts, there is something that is very important to discuss; the clauses, rules, regulations and terms of the contract. These terms and conditions keep both companies legally bound to provide what they agreed before. For example, two companies sign a contract where one company is a supplier and the other company will pay for its supplies. Now the first company is bound to provide the supplies where the receiver is bound to pay for the supplies.

In case any of the company violates any clause or term of the contract, the other company reserves the right to terminate the contract immediately. This way, the company that violated the rules is punished for their mistake and most of the time, these terminations are followed by legal procedures i.e. cases in courts. To inform the other company that they have violated the contract, the other company prepares an official document that shows the reasons of the contract termination and it is referred to contract termination notice.

Before preparing such notices, companies call the representatives of each company to sit together and talk about what happened. If they settle their dispute in the meeting, there won’t be any law suit or terminations where on the other hand, if they fail to solve the issue, they are provided with a termination notice for the contract.

Elements of a contract termination notice:

  • Name of the company who wants to terminate the contract
  • Details and specifications of contract that is being terminated
  • Name of the service provider (the other company)
  • Date of issuance of the notice
  • Possible reasons of termination
  • Any particular details about the outcomes of the notice for the other company
  • Authentication by the company (i.e. signature, witnesses and stamps)

Where to get a contract termination notice?

There is no specific way to find a contract termination notice but there are many lawyers that can prepare the paper work for the companies. Most of the time, companies ask their own legal department or HR department to prepare the documentation work for the termination of a contract and it’s usually done in the presence  of the other company’s representatives.

This is something that is only done in this particular kind of notice that it’s not sent to the other company by post but officials of that company are present in the meeting while the termination notice is being prepared.

Sample Contract Termination Notice:

Here is a sample Contract Termination Notice created using MS Word,

Contract Termination Notice

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Doctor’s Note for Work

Sometimes we become unable to perform our routine work because of any health issue but unfortunately in some formal places like offices, schools or any sports club, the administration asks for an evidence or proof of one’s sickness. Doctor’s note is very commonly used notes that help people get leaves from their school or office whether of illness or another reason. This is a kind of solid proof that you have to attach with the leave application in order to get approval. In many organizations, a doctor’s note for work is the only way to get leaves otherwise one can lose his/her job forever.

What a doctor’s note for work is based on? A doctor’s note for work is also known as a sick note and is based on a note written by a licensed doctor for a patient with a description that the person is suffering from certain health issue and is unable to perform work for a specific number of days. These notes can be genuine as well as fake, however for accessing a fake doctor’s note for work the person has to make an appointment with a doctor and request for writing a note. Some medical professional writes a note just by charging their regular fee while some other may ask you for extra charges. Read the rest of this entry »


Soap Note is a short form of the Subjective Objective Assessment Plan Note that is usually written by professional medical or health care staff. The purpose of writing a Soap note is to make a health issue of a particular patient understandable for everyone and is to make a comparison of the progress of the patient on each passing day. Writing
Soap Notes are a standard way of recording the information about a patient that help the medical staff in proper assessment of the patient as well as help in making decisions regarding the health of the patient. Soap notes are found very helpful in medical emergencies as doctors have the complete data of a patient and the speed and manner of recovery from a certain health issue.

A Soap note is based on four parts consist of some important and relative information.

Subjective Data: It is the first section of a Soap note that is based on a brief history and feelings of the patient and is usually written after conducting a small interview with the patient. Such information includes age and gender of the patient along with the information about the type of health issue like fever, injury or any other issue. Information that is provided by patient is also part of this section. Read the rest of this entry »